Grateful Dads

Grateful Dads

Campus Greeter Program

The Grateful Dads program serves as an extension of the CHHS PTSA, encouraging the involvement of dads on campus. We invite all CHHS Dads to participate in our 2019-2020 Greeter Program.

Greeters serve to greet the students as they arrive in the morning.  Dr. Groppel, CHHS Principal, has shared the positive feedback and impact this program plays in the attitude and motivation of the students.  The students notice, they care and they appreciate the effort and the presence of the Grateful Dads as they start their day to round out the week.

Greeters are needed for Friday of each week from 8:00 am to 8:40 am in three locations on campus.  

For questions or comments, please email

A Grateful Dad has:

A huge heart
A strong handshake
A genuine smile

What is a Grateful Dad?

One who makes a difference one greeting and handshake at a time
A great example of a man
A man who hopes to influence kids in a positive way
One who puts kids before himself
One who shows up on Fridays even when he's too busy
One who smiles as he meets CHHS students as they enter in the  morning even when he has other things on his mind

Grateful Dads Slideshow

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