To be approved to volunteer on ALL campuses this year, volunteers must complete the district background check, online volunteer orientation handbook, video, and complete a volunteer verification form for each campus. 

To complete the process and become an approved volunteer:

1. Click here to complete the Volunteer Background Check form You must fill this form out each school year.

2. Click here to view the GCISD Volunteer Handbook.

3. Click here if your child is secondary school (grades 6-12) to view a brief video.

4. Click here to complete the CHHS Volunteer Verification This link has 5 fields to fill out in order to complete the

volunteer verification process.

**If you would like to volunteer at more than one school, you need to complete the form for each campus of interest. Primary grade volunteers must also view a separate video. Once these steps have been completed and you have successfully completed the volunteer background check, you will be added to the list of approved volunteers.

Click here to submit Volunteer Hours

The PTSA can always use your help!  Fill out a Volunteer Sign Up Form
and let us know where you can help.

Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer at CHHS
  1. Your child benefits!
  2. Improve CHHS for all families, teachers and staff.
  3. Meet great people who share your concerns.
  4. We match jobs to your interests and abilities.
  5. We honor your time restraints and schedule.
  6. Keep on top of what's going on at school.
  7. The work is rewarding.
  8. We make a difference together.
  9. You'll feel good.
  10. It's fun!